Munkle Bandcamp

Both Munkle albums have been re-uploaded to Bandcamp, so that everyone can continue to enjoy these chamber-punk-jazz gems! There are some faint murmurings of some Munklings happening some time this year… all of our fingers are crossed.

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Munkle at Colbourne

The Munkle is returning to one of our favourite venues for a very special show – August 7 at Colbourne Ave (37-47 St Johns Rd Glebe) at 8pm.

As you may be aware, we’ve been around for over 10 years now, bringing these quirky little musical creations to the masses. Clarinettist Martin Kay has been overseas for the past year or so, but will be in town for this one. To mark the occasion, we’ll be airing a bunch of new tunes, as well as making a recording for posterity. Come along and be a part of history!


Comatone remix

So a little while back, we did a ‘remix’ (not really) of Mountains-based electronic mastermind Comatone. We recorded and rough mixed it, and the man himself put the finishing touches on the mix, and it is only now really seeing the light of day. Sounds pretty good, if we do say so ourselves!

Check it out: https://soundcloud.com/comatone/cut-acoustic-by-the-fantastic-terrific-munkle

Next gig: August 7 at Colbourne Ave in Glebe…

The Munkle does its debut gig for SIMA (Sydney Improvised Music Association), May 23 at the Seymour Centre. We will be joined by the amazing reedsman Jeremy Rose from bands such as The Vampires, The Strides and Compass. Come and witness an increasingly rare airing of our quirky little toons…

New gigs in the book

Howdy folks, been a while… Munkle finally has a couple of new gigs, at some underground venues in Surry Hills. Our first half a dozen or so outings were in this kind of space, so we’re going to feel right at home. Also hoping to book in a few more soon, stay tuned…

Munkle will play at the Jazzgroove Summer Festival 2013, on the 19th of January at Prince Alfred Park in Surry Hills. There will be music from midday, and we’re on at 1pm. And it’s free! For more info visit the Jazzgroove website.

We’re back!

After about a year and a half hiatus, Munkle is finally back in action, 2 new gigs in the book (see the gigs page) and more coming soon. Looking forward to playing again!

2011 so far

Welcome to The Fantastic Terrific Munkle’s brand new site!

Things have been relatively quiet this year with Danny away. In January we played the Jazzgroove Summer Festival, with guest drummer Jamie Cameron, who did a great job. Due to floods up north we also found ourselves without Martin for this gig, and filled the void with accordionist extraordinaire Marcello Maio. Despite all this the gig got a great review, which you can read here.

We hope that very soon Munkle is doing many more gigs, and perhaps even another recording.